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About Santasha's Styles
Santasha’s Styles is a natural beauty consultant certified in personal fitness training and a professional bikini bodybuilder.  

Since 1990 Santasha has been involved in fitness and after retiring from 23 years of military service, advanced her fitness training and became a competitive bikini bodybuilder. In 2016,  motivated to help others in their fitness journey and she studied and  became a Certified Fitness Trainer by International Sports Science Association. April 2018, she earned my Professional Bikini Bodybuilding status.
Santasha's story began when she was  introduced to fitness as a part of her military career. She saw the need to live a more natural/healthier lifestyle when she returned her hair to its natural state, in 2008. She began making all natural products/herbs for her hair and body.  Embracing the title of Natural Beauty Consultant, Santasha became nutritionally fit and started clean eating meal planning in 2013. She began Beachbody workout programs, switched to  working with a personal training,  began competitive bikini bodybuilding, became a certified fitness Trainer and profession Bikini Body Builder. 

Based in Stafford Virginia, we are dedicated to providing one on one personal training sessions at Santasha’s Styles Fitness Center. Santasha's Styles products are multipurpose all natural Moisturizing Lotion, Herbal Shea Butter and Natural Logo Earrings.  

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Committed to helping others see their natural beauty